Sunday, June 10, 2012


Last Thursday, about 900 people joined Al Arsenault and his colleagues to celebrate 15 years of amazing Prevention work from the Odd Squad. The event was in the huge harbor-facing West ballroom at the Convention Centre and people from every walk of life were there. To Al and his fellow police officers and his Board and support team and all the folks who stand behind their work, major thanks and congratulations for keeping the lights on!

The video below - "What the Odd Squad Does" - says it all.

*   *   *

Last month, Brenda Plant and her team held an equally impressive 30th celebration of Turning Point at the Four Seasons Hotel with special guest speaker, Rob Lowe. That's 30 years of taking in addicted men and women and graduating clean and sober citizens. For a wonderful evening and for their fantastic Treatment & Recovery work, also hearty thanks & congratulations.

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