Friday, June 15, 2012

Health Policy? Let us Now Pray...

It is clear that our Provincial Health Officer doesn't spend much time around addiction recovery centres.

How else to explain Dr. Perry Kendall's latest inflammatory public declaration?

Pure ecstasy can be ‘safe’ if consumed responsibly: B.C. health officer

As reported across the country in the last few hours, our leading bureaucrat has thrown all good sense out the window. 

We hope that one day he will leave his office and meet the parents, partners, friends and family members of the ecstasy-afflicted. Then, he might want to drop by the many prevention and treatment programs that are on the front lines of this madness every day - that includes weekends and evenings.

Following are comments from Al Arsenault and Toby Hinton of the Odd Squad:

  Yah, prohibition does all the harm...that's why there were no drug problems in the late 1800's when everything was legal...the Narcotics Control Act was passed because it was an ideal world of all drug legalization...Al

 Does not surprise me at all. When Through A Blue Lens came out, he went on TV and bemoaned that this type of programming did nothing for education. When we talked to him about this later, he admitted he had not even watched it before giving his interview. He is pro-legalization for everything, and why he is our prov. health officer is beyond me. MDMA - even in its pure form - is linked to depression/seratonin depletion/and other developmental issues.


We welcome your comments. From this writer's point of view, the Harm Reduction movement and philosophy have found a great ally in Dr. Kendall and the result is policy that makes the word "irresponsible" seem inadequate.

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