Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello Everyone
Well it's coming up to be "that time of the year again" when we have our annual Odd Squad fundraiser on Thursday, June 7th, at the Vancouver Convention Centre West as per the Evite I received just today from "home office". It has been 15 years since we started Odd Squad. What an adventure it has been!
Sorry to contact you with this blanket notice, but I am leading an early charge for Odd Squad in inviting everyone who is on my mailing list who is either:  a friend, a previous donor, someone whose life Odd Squad has affected in a positive way, or whom I believe could be influential in assisting us in this gala. This is quite a list!  
As I was entering the addresses for this mass e-mail out, I realized how so many of you contributed so much to Odd Squad in the past. We owe a lot to you already. You are individual and corporate sponsors, money and auction item donors, previous gala attendees, great corporate citizens offering in-kind services, financial and business mentors and advisors, musicians, technical personnel, writers, teachers, treatment specialists, volunteers of all sorts (for our film projects, fundraisers, outreach work, etc.), moral supporters, and many more!
This year's fundraiser will be very special and particularly exciting as we will be highlighting our successes over the past decade and a half. It will be a visual presentation not to be missed.
I do want you to help us to continue the very important work we are undertaking in helping youth make positive choices in their lives through our video production work, drug and gang presentations, and outreach programs via 'On Track' and the 'Junior Hockey Mentoring Program'. I am humbled by your collective support. We could not achieved the amazing things that we have accomplished without you and for that I thank you.
I will be following up with many of you to see if you can donate an auction item (or can arrange for an auction item to be donated), to see if you would care to donate financially to our cause, and to see if you would care to attend our gala. It will be sold out months in advance so please show your interest now or you will be left in the parking lot!
If all that you can do is to forward this information on to others who may have an interest in supporting us, then please do that.
Who knew that we would have come this far?
Thanks again for your unwavering support of Odd Squad as we pass this impressive milestone.
Al Arsenault
Founding Member/ Producer/ Director
Odd Squad Productions Society

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