Friday, March 18, 2016


The following was sent to us by a friend who is a doctor. I have removed the name and  contact information of the sender.

This is being posted so that you can see that all good people involved in the pot business will be well rewarded. Even if they call themselves doctors.


I want to make you aware of Cannibinoid Medical Centre, referral ONLY clinic at Spring Garden Rd Professional Bldg. I thought this may be of interest. There is no Family practice component, patients are assess for their suitability or not for the use of cannabis to treat their medical issue whether it would be pain management or chronic disease management, etc.

We are seeking physicians to do at least 1 shift per week. If you have interest in learning more please advise and I send you further details outline the training modules.
Once you are established in the clinic here is the earning potential;
For an 8 hr day seeing only 25 patients.

10 new patients X $80.70 = $807.00
15 recheck X $31.46 = $471.9
25 urine x $19 = $475
Total = $1753.90 x .7 = $1,227.73 physician take hm

I look forward to your response.


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