Friday, September 25, 2015

Drugs & the Election

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  1. The CBC selected 30 people to discuss issues that this country needs to discuss during the election and going forward. This is one of those issues and the interview was constructive. The issue of addiction needs to cross party lines and who ever it is that forms the next election needs to address what needs to be done and consult with those that know how to best help. The issue needs to be supported by all political parties and the conversation has just begun. Marijuana is used by between 30-53% of our grade twelve students. The addiction rate is one in two for daily users, and with 27% of 15+ users reporting that they are daily users - we are headed into a very very serious era. Addictions can end, recovery is possible but the work ahead is one of massive education and the end of harm reductionist ideology that when put into practise has shown clearly not to work. We need to fly the Swedes over here and get them to show Dr.Wood what you do to get results.