Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WEED? It's not about human rights. It's about MONEY IN HUGE AMOUNTS

Australia television's ABC has a regular series called FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT.

In this half-hour segment, they visit America and meet the blue-eyed suits who smile as they raise billions to market their newly legalized favorite commodity.

The piece is called CANNABIS INC.

It is chilling and informative.

Watch it here.

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  1. Here is the website for the company that is featured in this documetary - the pirate capitalists who want to be the Starbucks of cannabis. They are one of 16 companies in Canada who have a license to produce medical marijuana and they are Americans - which begs the question - Do we not have Canadians able to grow marijuana in this country and do we need to be importing such questionable talent ?
    Check out this company and how they market their products and notice that the names are right off the black market - the street names of drugs just fancier packaging. Notice the claims these producers are making and the flavour they are available in and then call the Canadian Medical Association and do something - the recreational marijuana test project has left the station and it is now or never - we will not be able to contact the commercialization and advancement of an industry that is looking their market expansion.