Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Al Arsenault is a Founding Member of Odd Squad Productions Society which makes educational videos for youth about drugs and he is a 27-year veteran with the Vancouver Police Department. He is also a member of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy and a DPNC Board Member.

When I do anti-drug lectures for Odd Squad, I ask kids if a woman is pregnant should she smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, do pot or other drugs, and I get a resounding "No way!" Why not? "Because it will hurt the fetus." Smart kids!

All kids in high school acknowledge that they are still physically growing. Scientific research shows that human brain matures into the early to mid-20s. So I tell these kids to imagine that the brain is like a baby growing inside their head - a baby that's in its final trimester. It is the most important organ of their body, their one and only computer system, and it has yet to come to full-term. Any questions about polluting and poisoning the 'baby brain' while it struggles to grow up healthy? 

I wish that the drug legalizers and health authorities who are pushing this so-called 'medical marijuana' would acknowledge the simple truth of this logical line of thinking. 

More more studies are coming about out about the medical effects of marijuana on the adolescent mind. The earlier you get started on pot then the more troublesome that drug will be in their lives. This is why I cannot believe that even responsible adults want to 'vote' marijuana in as a medicine with it having to go through the strict and rigorous drug testing protocols like any new safe and legitimate drug has to. They want to make marijuana an exception to rule of accepting any as a medicine for public consumption: why bother with medical science when you have wonderful anecdotes... 

It is shameful indeed.

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