Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I wanted to copy the entirety of this excellent piece from  the Vancouver Courier, but I'm experiencing some cyber-difficulty on this file.

Therefore, please click on the above link and read this very revealing item as is.

The Courier dug back into their archives and have shared with us a 2003 story about the extraordinarily rapid growth of Portland and the already many questions that needed to be asked about financials and governance.

For the provincial government and its many-armed tentacles to claim that there is nothing to look at before 2010 is disingenuous at best and butt-covering at worst.

When legitimate Recovery and Prevention programs with proven track records of success have struggled daily with paying the bills and providing access to services, why would a government give this particular unknown group of people this much money this fast and this blindly?

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  1. Was Jenny Kwann shaking down Portland Hotel Society or was Portland Hotel Society shaking down Jenny Kwann. There seems to be have been a whole lot of shaking going round. Why are so few of this very big 'nest' only being named?