Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Get ready...coming to a neighbourhood near you soon...

Oops, it's already here.

It'll just get worse.

It's a long-known social phenomenon called "normalization."

Read it:

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  1. The Vancouver Sun printed a letter to the editor on November 12th. in which an individual called for all readers to sign the petition for Sensible BC and to support their attempt to advance the legalization of marijuana in B.C. The writer of the letter also insisted that fellow BC residents solicit as many friends as possible to do the same. The letter made a false claim that anyone who suggests marijuana poses health risks are liars and the editors printed it irregardless of that dangerous mistake. The Vancouver Sun is now held responsible for printing such dribble and playing a hand in the manipulation of the public. The media in Canada needs to start taking real responsibility for the slant and bias in the discussion about the risks and fallout from a shift to further access by Canadian youth to cannabis. We need stories that spell out the real and scientific truths and we need it blasted from the top of mountains to counteract the damage already done by reporting a twisted version of a very complicated story. Yes both sides of this discussion have from time to time embellished the truth but there is a middle ground of smart approaches to marijuana public policy and a place for exposure of the potential for irreversible harm. Using marijuana before adulthood is a dangerous health proposition, and our kids are being robbed of their potential intellect before the age of legal consent. Colorado and Washington State will be the test markets for the rest of North America and nothing should be done in terms of a costly referendum until the results of their experimentation are in - lets give it ten years and then lets talk about it.