Monday, May 13, 2013

INSITE - The International Debate

A producer from CNN International called me from London in early January.

She said their documentary unit had been preparing a report about Insite. They had all the supportive material they needed for their film, but they needed an opposing point of view.

On January 30th, a producer from Atlanta and a photographer from Los Angeles rang my door bell.

The video posted below was aired on three consecutive days in April in over 200 countries.

Let me know what you think.


  1. Excellent David but I wish they had given you more air time.
    My opinion - if the money spent on safe injection sites and free crack pipes & needles was instead spent on 'good' drug & alcohol treatment programs, a far better contribution to the future of our society as a whole would be made.

  2. Well done! Just wish you had been given more time to comment - after all you are fully engaged in the solution having created a treatment centre!
    The video might have made some sense if evidence was presented to show how even one addict had recovered as a result of going to Insite but getting comments from the addicts themselves is like asking a thief if leaving the doors to our homes open works for him!
    As a recovered addict myself anything in my addiction that made it easier for me to continue I would have endorsed -luckily the people who really cared about me did not make it easy for me to continue in my addiction and as a result of that I was able to recover!
    Barb R

  3. I totally agree with you that giving junkies a safe spot to shoot up illegal substances is madness.

    These unfortunates need treatment, not encouragement!

    Where do they get the money for the dope?

    They steal of course.

    From everyone.

    Is stealing still a crime? Doesn't seem to be with these people.

    They then buy from dope dealers to shoot up, thus keeping the drug trade secure to assisit with job security for the police, lawyers and the whole mess.

    They are encouraged to us the Insight place with impunity from the law while a health nurse monitors their well being in case one of these stalwart contributors to our community should have taken a wee bit too much and need urgent medical attention to save their wretched lives.

    I think we should give them all they want and lay off the nurse.

    Pure nonsense. Only in Canada.

    BRIAN F.