Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Following is a brief summary of some of the results of American voters' choices last night on pot initiatives:

2012 State Ballot Initiatives
Updated: November 7, 2012

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Questionsought to legalize marijuana under the guise of medicine and allow for the establishment of marijuana dispensaries licensed by the state. The question was sponsored by Arkansans for Compassionate Care. Defeated - 52% opposed 48% supported.
Measure 80, Int. 9 Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Initiative - sought to legalize and regulate the cultivation, possession and sale of unlimited amounts of marijuana. The measure would also prohibit regulation and fess to grow hemp.  Defeated56% opposed 44% supported.
Initiative Referendum 124 - sought to reaffirm legislation passed in 2011 that replaced the state’s current “medical” marijuana law and replaced it with a more restrictive program.
Passed – 66% voted to keep legislative changes to the “medical” marijuana program.
Initiative 64 The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcoholinitiative allows those 21 years of age and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and cultivate six marijuana plants. The initiative also allows for over-the-counter sale of marijuana, reduces penalties for larger possession charges and legalizes hemp farming. Passed- 55% supported 45% opposed.
Question Threelegalizes marijuana under the guise of medicine and allows for the establishment of marijuana dispensaries. Passed – 63% supported 37% opposed.
Initiative 502 – allows adults 21 and over to purchase marijuana from state-licensed and state-regulated businesses. Creates a regulatory system, much like the liquor control system, in which a board oversees licensing of marijuana producers, processors and retailers, and imposes an excise tax of 25% at each step.  Passed – 56% supported 44% opposed.

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