Thursday, December 1, 2011



Do you believe in the goals of abstinence-based Prevention and Treatment?

If so, we want you to become a full-fledged Member of the DRUG PREVENTION NETWORK OF CANADA.

Our reasons for wanting you to join are simple.

It’s a numbers game.

Governments and private funders in communities across Canada are investing enormous amounts of money in approaches to drug problems that do NOT encourage or support abstinence-based Prevention and Treatment.

The DRUG PREVENTION NETWORK OF CANADA is a small organization with an even smaller budget, and it is not our goal to become a large organization with a big bank account.

But we are rapidly becoming the strongest and clearest voice for clean and sober Prevention and Treatment programs in the media, in communities and in Parliament and local government.

Please join us and become part of that growing voice that calls for more support for solutions that really work.

Please fill in our application form Download our membership application here. and send it back to us by mail or email. If you are an organization, we ask that you contribute $200 for one year. If are an individual, please include $50 for one year.

You will have a vote at our Annual General Meeting, and you will be sent our website and blog regularly where your comments, thoughts and Prevention and Treatment stories will be published if you share them with us. You will be invited to attend conferences and participate whole-heartedly in the issues at hand.

Most importantly, you will become another crucial voice in support of abstinence-based Prevention and Treatment. Your voice will be central in helping more men, women and children avoid or escape the indignities of a life in addictions.

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