Saturday, November 22, 2014


It's time to plan and budget for the annual "Recovery New Year's Eve Celebration" hosted by the West Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous.

You are invited to the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown on December 31st to ring in the New Year.  This annual event attracts over 700 guests of all ages and gives people in recovery an opportunity to celebrate the holiday in a safe fun environment. 

  • 9 pm to 12:30 am
  • RoundHouse in Yaletown, two minutes from the skytrain
  • Stage 1 - 80's, Rock and Dance Music
  • Stage 2 - House Music, Techno, Urban beats
  • Stage 3 - Live Music, Open Mic
  • Room 4 - Kids Zone
  • Room 5 - Marathon 12 Step Meeting
*A discount on tickets are provided for group sales to treatment centres, from $25 to $15, these tickets must be purchased in a group by your facility

*Do you have a talented client? they are welcome to sing or play music on Stage 3, contact Don P to book the stage time by calling 778-892-5125

*to order bulk tickets at a discounted rate please contact Max at 604-992-4897

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014



from Pamela McColl

Voters in five Colorado cities ``The Marijuana Experiment State`` - CaƱon City, Lakewood, Palisade, Palmer Lake and Ramah – voted to ban recreational pot sales in their jurisdiction on election day November 4 th . 2014.

The majority of cities in Colorado that have now opted out of pot - for a total of 161 representing 70% of the state.

“Legalization in practice will always be the biggest enemy of legalization,” Kevin Sabet Smart Approaches to Marijuana (USA) and affiliate organization to Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada

Details for Colorado’s rejection of pot extents with a further 11.74% with a moratoriums on pot use in place, leaving only 20% ( 47) with licensing allowed as reported by SAM Colorado co-ordinate Bob Doyle.

Pot was further rejected in the State of Florida on November 4 th . 2014 with the defeat of the legalization of medical marijuana initiative. The win came with a well fought campaign run under the banner “Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot”.

In Washington DC voters passed a medi-pot initiative which does not include the sale of marijuana. The campaign slogan for the pro marijuana side of the debate was: “Legalization Ends Discrimination”.

In Oregon, the pro-pot people pumped at least $7.6 million into the campaign, versus around $168,000 on our side. The Drug Policy Alliance, which advocates the legalization of ALL drugs, spent at least $2.4 million in Oregon. The Peter Lewis family invested almost $2 million there.

Oregon's vote means that users can possess a half pound of marijuana at a time, plus 4 plants which can produce additional pounds. This is 8 times the amount of marijuana that is legal in Colorado and Washington.​

Alaska votes to legalize with a small margin, but the Marijuana Policy Project invested over $1 million there vs $150,000 against legalization.

In the state of California 80% of towns, cities, including San Jose, the 3 rd largest city in California and the 10 th . largest city in the USA, have passed medical marijuana bans. Their right to do so has been upheld by the Supreme Court of California.

8.2% of Canadians use pot and 7% of Americans.

Both Canada and the USA are signatories to the United Nations The Rights of the Child Treaty which rejects the move to more permissive drug policies.

SAM Canada