Our Mission

“NGO in SPECIAL consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations”

Our mission is to bring together and to bring into the fold Canadian organizations and individuals who believe in and support the core values of prevention, education and treatment with respect to the use and abuse of substances.

The DPNC believes in the following principles:

  1. To promote a healthy lifestyle free of drugs.
  2. To advocate no use of illegal drugs and no abuse of legal drugs.
  3. To oppose legalization of drugs.
  4. To support The United Nations Conventions and Treaties concerning drugs and psychotropic substances.
  5. To participate with and support the like-minded organizations around the world.

Our Mission Activities include:

  • The sharing of information, resources, scientific research, ideas and opinions.
  • The organization of workshops and seminars regionally and nationally.
  • The participation on relevant Parliamentary and Legislative Committees.
  • Providing a public platform for the voices of abstinence-based Recovery & Education programs.
  • Lobbying in the media, at the community level and in government for the support of our stated principles.